Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th August 2024

In 2023, the Faversham Society and the Friends of St. Mary of Charity joined forces to showcase our town's built, cultural and natural heritage in August. There was a packed programme of nearly 50 performances, exhibitions, talks, visits, demonstrations, skills workshops and social events. There were also many free activities for children if they bring an adult.

St Mary of Charity has been at our town's heart for centuries, it provides an excellent central venue for Open Faversham. The Faversham Society has since 1962 worked to preserve the best of the heritage and fabric of the historic town of Faversham and its surrounding parishes. Created in response to modernization and the loss of historic buildings in Faversham, the Society aims to ensure that Faversham’s individual sense of place and outstanding heritage features are not lost and to ensure it is there for our children and our children's children to enjoy.

Please consider joining the Faversham Society and/or the Friends of St. Mary of Charity.  We would welcome your support. 

The first edition of Open Faversham was widely considered a success and there is strong support for it to become an annual fixture in the town calendar. Next year there will be a booking system, some of the events in 2023 were overwhelmed. We did not expect to attract the numbers that we did. We learnt a lot from experience in 2023.

Open Faversham is a great opportunity to bring the different cultural and natural heritage groups together and to jointly promote our town’s rich heritage.

We hope that next year we shall be able to engage with more of the villages around Faversham and that more groups will engage with us in Open Faversham.